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Funding Policy

The New London Kiwanis Club is committed to support and fund projects aimed at improving our communities and our youth.

Our Funding Policy provides an accountable, fair, and equitable process for both the organization requesting funds and the New London Kiwanis Club allocating funds. This process allows for accountability for all parties.
Funding Process

Applicants are invited to submit a written application for funding at any time. General requests are reviewed each month.

To meet the monthly review, applications must be received by the first Tuesday of the month.

Applications are available at and should be submitted to the Funding Request Coordinator. The Funding Request Coordinator position is to be fulfilled by the Vice President of the Club. It is the responsibility of the Coordinator to make sure applications are complete and distributed to Board Members for review in a timely manner. The Board of Directors shall receive information regarding requests prior to Board meetings.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to rank applications and grant funds. The Board will evaluate applications fairly utilizing a format designed to measure requests value to the community and group discussion

Once an allocation is made it is the responsibility of the Treasurer to distribute funds. All grantees are invited to visit a club meeting and are required to report on project success. If funds are not used they are to be returned to the club.
Funding Mission Statement

The New London Kiwanis Club is committed to support and fund projects aimed at improving our communities and our youth.
Funding Vision Statement

We will be Southeastern Connecticut’s premier organization engaging adult and youth volunteers to improve the quality of life in the local community and beyond.
The Kiwanis Motto
Serving the Children of the World

"Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time."
We Serve!

The members of the New London Kiwanis Club are dedicated to raise funds that will be given back to the communities and children of Southeastern Connecticut. We give back every cent of what we earn! Club expenses are paid by members through a separate account than the one we use to save the money you give to us through your generous support of the Annual Golf Tournament; Annual Spiral Ham, EZ Carve Ham and Gourmet Smoked Turkey Sale, and the other fund raising events we sponsor.
Our Priorities for Funding

We welcome your requests to fund projects aimed at improving our community and the lives of young persons living in it. We support local and global programs, focusing our resources on programs that:

improve the well-being of the citizens of the community.
provide solid beginnings for children and youth
encourage physical activities
provide access to arts and culture for all members of the community
strengthen the nonprofit sector
encourage civic involvement
serve as a catalyst in collaborative efforts for better serving the youth of the community

On behalf of the community and children of Southeastern Connecticut, we thank you for your valuable contributions to our community!