The club will be running a See's Candies fundraiser this week.

Attached are four pages - pages 1 & 2 go together, and pages 3 & 4 go together.  If you were not able to get a printed copy of the flyers at one of our recent meetings, you can print & use these.

If you (or a friend) want to buy candy from the Page 1 flyer, use the Page 2 form!

Likewise, if you want to buy from the Page 3 flyer, use the Page 4 form.

Cash or checks must be turned in to Priscilla by JAN 22nd.  If money isn't turned in, the order won't be submitted.  Contact Priscilla at 860-460-6319 if you have any questions.  If you have money & checks collected but can't get them to Priscilla by Jan 22nd, call me at 860-389-7924 and maybe we can work out logistical support.

Happy Valentines Day!

Secretary Chris

See's Candy 1

See's Candy 2